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Clash Of Clans The Giant Surprise Event

Hello Clasher’s. Happy Clashiversary!!!

As we can see a lot of new updates and changes are made to the clash of clans game for this 5th anniversary and Clash of clans is becoming much better. Clash of Clans is surprising every Clasher from last three weeks with a new update or change adding to the game. If we look at the three updates made to clash of clans game, every update is a surprise. In this week, Clash of Clans has come with the Giant Surprise event.

Clash of Clans: The Giant Surprise

In the first week of anniversary, builder has left the hut and also the clan. Therefore, builder huts are put up for sale and the Raged Barbarians are replaced in the place of Builder to take care of construction work.

In the Second week, if we observe the Barbarian’s Battle Rams troops were added in the game. An event is also held and it offered 250 gems for using 6 Battle Ram troops in 10 battles.

In addition to last weeks updates, Clash of Clans brought The Giant Surprise event in the third week and It is going to start in 6 more days. Hence, in the Giant Surprise event, we can see that the builder huts are planted with Giant’s. As a result, Giants surprise enemies once they destroy the builder huts. In spite of attacking in the battles, Giants are taking care of the construction works in base like the place builder.

Giant Surprise event Clash of clans Giant Surprise Coc

Clash Of Clans The Giant Surprise Event

Clash of Clans Giant

Giant Surprise Coc event

Clash Of Clans: The Giant Surprise EventCOC Giant surprise

Clash of Clans Giant Surprise

If we see in the below video, as soon as the opponent troops destroy the builder huts the Giants come out of the huts and starts attacking our enemies. We can also see that the Giant Surprise is for a limited time.

Giant Surprise Event Video

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Hope you guys like the Giant Surprise event which is going to start next week.

Keep Clashing and enjoy the new surprises as time go’s on!!

We will try to post Clash of Clans updates, news, tips & game strategies and the best base designs every week.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Please comment below if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Once again, Happy Clashiversary!!!



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