Builder Hall 7

Clash Of Clans – Builder Hall 7 Update

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 Update is available now.

After a long run of almost 3 months and much waiting, Clash of Clans has finally released a new update. It’s the most awaited builder Hall Level 7 update.

Have a look at the live stream video here…

Clash of Clans – Builder Hall 7 Update Stream

Video Source: Youtube РClash of Clans Channel

Builder Hall 7 update comes with two major additions to the base are, the Giant Cannon defense and the Air Ship air attack troop.

Builder Hall 7 Update

Image source: Clash Of Clans Website

Along with these major updates, Builder Hall 7 update also brings some new features and additional defensive building upgrades.

What else do we get with the builder hall 7 update?

Builder Hall 7 update brings the additional Defensive Buildings:

adds one more,

  • Hidden Tesla
  • Firecrackers
  • Army Camp , and
  • Four more Wall segments (i.e extra 20 wall pieces)

In addition to the Defensive buildings, we can upgrade all of our buildings, Walls and traps (excluding spring traps). Finally, with the builder Hall 7 update all the attacking troops can be upgraded to level 14. The added advantage of Level 14 troop status is,

  • Raged Barbarians: +5 units per Army Camp
  • Sneaky Archers: +2 units per Army Camp
  • Boxer Giants: Improves the Power Punch ability
  • Beta Minion: Improves the Long Shot ability
  • Bomber: Improves the Big Bomb ability
  • Baby Dragon: Improves the Tantrum ability
  • Cannon Cart: +20 damage per second
  • Night Witch: +20% Bat spawning speed

For more more information checkout the Clash Of Clans Official website 

How the Builder base looks like when you upgrade your Builder Hall to level 7?

Here, am sharing some of the snapshots of top players who have already upgraded their Builder Hall base to level 7 and even the building and troops too.

BH7 Base Layouts for Builder Hall 7

Builder Hall Level 7

Clash of Clans – Builder Hall 7 UPDATE

Builder Hall BH 7

Builder Hall level 7

Builder Hall 7

Level 7 Builder Hall Base Layouts

BH Builder Hall Level 7

BH 7 Builder Hall Base Layouts

Bh 7 Update

Builder Hall BH 7 Base Layouts Anti 2 Stars


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Thanks for your time, Happy clashing and Have fun.



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