Builder Hall 7

Top 10+ Best Builder Hall 7 Bases Anti Everything | 5000+ Trophies

Best Builder Hall 7 Bases Anti 2 Stars and Anti-everything

It’s been almost three weeks since the clash of clans biggest update Builder Hall 7 is released. Many of the people have already upgraded their Builder Hall to level 7 and the troops to max level. So, it’s the time to design your builder Hall 7 bases to withhold the opponents attacks to win versus battles.

In BH 7 update, four additional defensive buildings like Hidden Tesla, Firecrackers, Giant cannon and army camp were added. Therefore, the Builder Hall base should be designed by adding the new defensive buildings.

builder Base level 7 base

Builder Hall 7 base layout builder town hall 7 base

Best Builder Hall 7 Bases

The main motto of every Clasher is to build a base which can stand against any attacks and win the verses battles. So, here to save your time on thinking how to build the perfect base, we are sharing the top 10+ Builder Hall 7 Bases which are Anti 2 Stars and Anti Everything. All the BH7 Builder Hall bases in this post are designed by inspiring from the top Clash of Clan players and our Clan leaders. Builder Hall BH7 Base 2017

builder hall 7 base design builder hall 7 defense base

Builder Hall 7 Bases Anti-everythingbuilder hall 7 base layout

BH7 Builder Base 2017builder hall 7 base design

Builder Hall Level 7 Base Layout

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builder hall level 7 defense
BH 7 builder Hall anti 3 stars

BH 7 Builder Base Anti 2 StarsBH 7 builder base anti 2 stars

best defence base for builder hall BH7

Builder Hall 7 Bases

bh level 7 coc base Builder Base level 7 base

BH7 Base Anti 2 Star builder base BH level 7 coc basebh 7 anti everythingBuilder Hall 7 Bases

builder hall 7 bases 2017 designsbuilder hall 7 anti everything

c o c builder base level 7

builder hall level 7 defense basesBuilder Hall 7 Bases Anti everything

build base level 7 layout

Hope these base layouts help you guys win more verses battles and Builder Base Trophies.  What to be remembered:

What to be remembered:

There is no assurance of getting the same results for everyone. Because there are some smart clashers out there who are skilled in attacking strategies and they can clear off any base. However, these bases layouts are working fine for us to win most Battles and helping to gain more trophies.

Hope you guys like these Base Layout designs.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Please comment below if you have any concerns or suggestions.

We will keep testing the base Layouts and try to post the best ones every week.

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Thanks for your valuable time!!

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    1. Sure.. those were the screenshots taken from the top players in our clan. we will try to update those with bombs, Tesla’s and traps. We appreciate your suggest. Thanks mate!!

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