Builder Hall 6

10+ Epic Builder Hall 6 Bases Anti Everything

Top Epic Builder Hall 6 Bases Anti 1 Star and Anti Everything

In the Builder base, the most important thing is to win the versus battles in order to get more trophies. So, we need to design our builder hall base to with hold the opponents attacks, anti everything and should be anti 1 star. In this post, we have shared the different Builder Hall 6 base designs and are anti everything.

Each and every builder hall level 6 base layouts below are designed with an ease and have been inspired by different base layouts designed by different players all over the world. And, every base is tested so many times and the results are exceptional.

Best Builder Hall BH6 Base Designs

bh6 base anti everything

Epic bh6 base design 2017 anti everything

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Best Builder Hall 6 Base Designs 2017 Anti 1 Star

All the troops used in these base designs are maxed out troops. Therefore, the results may differ according to the troops we have. Although, you can try these base layouts and experience the results.

exceptional builder hall 6 base designbh level 6 coc base Anti 2 Star BH6 Base

best builder hall 6 base design layout
BH6-Base-Anti-2-StarLevel 6 Best Builder Hall Base Design

top builder hall bh6 layout design

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builder base 6 anti everything builder hall 6 base design

Builder Hall 6 Base exceptional bh 6 base design

BH6 base design builder hall 6 base design

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clash of clans builder hall 6 best Builder Hall level 6 Layouts with Roaster

coc bh6 base Clash of clans bh6 base layout

coc builder hall 6coc bh6 base 2017

level 6 builder base

As everyone know, we participate in the versus battles to gain the trophies and not loot. So, we have to design the builder hall base layouts to with hold and defend against the opponents troops.

Hence, every builder hall level 6 base layout in this post is designed and concentrated mainly to win the versus battles to gain more trophies.

Hope you guys like base layouts.

We will keep testing the best base designs and try to update every week.




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