Clash Of Clans – Builder Base Friendly Challenge and More

Builder Base Friendly Challenge and More

In recent days, Super Cell is releasing new updates soon after soon and surprising every Clash of Clans Game lovers. Clash of Clans has released a major update, Builder Hall 7 last week and now come up with another update – The Builder Base Friendly Challenge.

Builder Base Friendly Challenge

Image Source: Clash Of Clans Official Website

What’s newly added in this big update?

Builder Base Friendly Challenges – by the name itself, we can guess. It’s nothing but challenging our clan mates to check the Attacking strategies and builder base layout. This option was there only in our home base, but now it is added to the builder base too.

Builder Base Friendly Challenge Challenge

Builder Base Challenge


Most important thing to remember while creating a Challenge is that all the builder base challenges happen in versus battle mode. So the challenger needs to be online until any clan mates accept the challenge and both can attack each other at same time.

Builder Base Friendly challenge
Friendly Challenge Screen Shot of Two Clasher’s

Another feature comes with this update is that all the clan mates can watch the Builder Base friendly challenges live.

Still, anything comes along with this Big Update?

Yes, of course!! “New Builder Base Trophy Requirements”

  • Just like in the home village, the Clasher also need to have required builder base trophies as well as Home village trophies to join any Clan.
  • Crushers will not attack the opponents units if there is any wall in between them.

Home Village New Levels,

More damage per second, Greater hit points, Higher Push strength and much more updates were added. Let’s see what more added,

  • Bomb Tower level 6 at Town Hall 11
  • Golem level 7 upgrade
  • Valkyrie level 6 upgrade
  • Air sweeper level 7 upgrade
  • more level 12 wall pieces

Now the home village and builder base look more awesome and interesting with the new updates.

Whats more!!

Clash of Clans has announced that much more updates are going to be added.!!!

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Please comment below if you have any concerns or suggestions.

We will keep posting the Clash of Clans updates, Events and try to post the all levels of Town Hall and Builder hall best base design layouts every week.

Thanks for your time, Happy clashing and Have fun.

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