Builder Hall 6

Best Builder Hall 6 Base Designs Anti 1 Star | 4000+ Trophies

clash of clans builder hall 6 base layouts

In this post, we are sharing the best Builder Hall 6 base designs which are designed and tested by our clan members. All these builder town hall 6 base layouts are anti everything and anti 1 star.

In these Builder Hall level 6 bases, we have used all the max defences and resources. Even the walls are also upgraded to max level. If you guys don’t have the max defences and walls, don’t worry, these base layouts really work well and help with good results.

bh level 6 coc basebh 6 anti everything BH6 Base Anti 2 Star

bh 6 anti everythingbh level 6 coc base

c o c builder base level 6BH6-Base-Anti-2-Star builder hall 6 base designbuilder base anti everything

clash of clans builder town hall 6 trophy base

Epic builder hall 6 base Anti Everything

Builder Hall 6 Base builder base bh6 base layoutBuilder hall base design build base level 6 layout 2017clash of clans builder hall 6 builder base 6 base Anti 1 starcoc bh 6 base builder base town hall level 6 defense

BH6 Base Designs Anti 1 Star

clash of clans builder town hall 6 trophy base

clash of clans builder town hall 6 trophy base

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builder hall level 6 defense

best builder base 6

Some of the members of our clan who doesn’t have max level resources or walls are also using the same bh level 6 base designs and they are happy with the results. These clash of clans builder hall level 6 base layouts will definitely help to earn more trophies in Builder base.

Hope you guys like these base designs.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Please comment below if you have any concerns or suggestions.

We will keep testing the best base designs and try to update every week.

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