Builder Hall 5

15+ Best Builder Hall Level 5 bases Anti 2 Stars

Cash of Clans Best Builder Hall Level 5 Base Designs

In this post, we are sharing the best Builder Hall Level 5 bases which can defend against the opponents attacks and are anti-everything. All the bases are designed in such a way that the Builder Hall is protected by defensive troops like Archer Towers, Cannons, Hidden Tesla, Multi Mortar, Air Bombs, Fire Crackers and Crusher.

Builder Hall Level 5 bases

Builder Hall Level 5 bases Builder Hall Level 5 Base Layout

If you look at the base designs, the town hall is placed at the centre and is surrounded by defensive troops. All the defensive troops are placed inside the compartment and others like storage, barracks are distributed outside. So, the defensive troops will start attacking before the opponent troops reach them.Builder Hall Level 5 bases exceptional builder hall 5 baseBuilder Hall Level 5 bases

Best Builder Hall 5 Bases

builder hall 5 layout.

Almost, all these base designs can defend against level 10 troops like barbarians, archers, giants, bombers and cannon carts.
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Hope you guys like these base designs.

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We will keep testing the best base designs and try to update every week.

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